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Surgical Lights

Medical Solution Company sharing in health and Happy Life

luvis Medical LED conveniently used in general treatments or small surgeries homepage go

Excellence of Luvis



      Luvis provides the optimal medical environment by going beyond the limitation of color reproduction by halogens and low color rendering LED.
  • Natural Light

    • Natural Light

      Luvis reproduces the objects in its most natural color.
  • Healthy Light

    • Healthy Light

      Luvis does not emit ultraviolet rays and infrared rays and prevents aging of skin due to long exposure to ultraviolet rays.
  • Safe Light

    • Safe Light

      As it emits drastically lower heat compared to halogen, it minimizes the transfer of heat to the affected areas to minimize the drying of skin tissue or coagulation, creating safe surgical environment.
  • Ecological(=Economical) Light

    • Ecological(=Economical) Light

      The lifespan of Luvis LED light source is 50,000 hours, while having electricity consumption as low as 1/5 of halogens.

Major Products

  • LUVIS L200

    LUVIS L200
    Medical LED that Produces the Optimum Medical Environment with Shadowless Effects of Comparative Advantage

    • Maximization of shadowless effects through sensors
    • Detachable main handle and convenient subhandles
    • Production of optimal pattern with individual lenses
    • Full HD Camera option
    • 6-level intensity and pattern control function
  • LUVIS S200

    LUVIS S200
    Medical LED conveniently used in general treatments or small surgeries

    • Shadowless effects of comparative advantage
    • Noiseless cooling system
    • Pattern size according to cases
    • Easy controller
  • LUVIS C100

    LUVIS C100
    Dental LED Optimized with Square/Oval Patterns

    • Uniform light and square patterns
    • Easy control optimized for dentistry