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Bone Graft & Membrane Materials

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Excellence of Ovis

  • DENTIS Medical Division

    • DENTIS Medical Division

      The Bio Research Institute has uniquely developed
  • Achieved optimal ratio

    • Achieved optimal ratio

      Achieved optimal ratio based on long-term dental clinical experience and researching technique
  • Quality, Convenience, Safety

    • Quality, Convenience, Safety

      Quality for perfect prognosis Convenience of dental treatments Safety for patients
  • Wide range of application

    • Wide range of application

      You can apply the output of ZENITH in various range,?such as surgical guide, clear aligner, dental model and so on.

Major Products

  • Ovis BONE BCP

    Ovis BONE BCP

    • Osteoconductive synthetic bone graft with highter β-TCP content
    • Excellent wettability
    • Easy manipulation
    • Biocompatibility and great bioactivity
    • Well-formed Macro/Micro porous
    • Porosity: 70%

    Ovis BCP/Collagen MEMBRANE

    • Biodegradable collagen membrane
    • UV cross-linking
    • Easy manipulation with soft and excellent wettability
    • Double-sided usage
    • Resorption period of 4-6months