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Surgical Light 'Luvis-M/L,' the Trend Leader of LED Surgical Lights, Appears at KIMES
2014-05-16 14:29:47
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 DENTIS, the expert of medical optics and bionics will introduces the brand-new LED surgical light, named 'Luvis-M/L.' at KIMES 2014, from 13 to 16 March.

 DENTIS is the designer of medical solutions and the leader of national project to develop transplantable medical equipment. Also it has won 'IR52 Chang Yong-Sil Award,' the top tier technology competition, and has been commended by the Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy.

 DENTIS will introduce at KIMES 2014 the enhanced model Luvis-M100/L100. The former version of the surgical lights have appeared last time and drew attention. Luvis-S200 will also be exhibited. The small-size LED surgical light was first introduced last year, and was chosen the Best Hit 2013 - favored by plastic surgeons, pediatricians, obstetricians, and even veterinarians. Dental Lights Luvis-C Series are included in KIMES showroom exhibition.

 Luvis-M100 and L100 are shadowless lamps and have automatic sensor to control the light intensity, to optimize the shadowless effect. The user can adjust the focal size of the irradiated field in 3 steps–High Intensity, Normal and Wide Focus- to cope with different situations. The optimized color rendering and the color temperature for surgical purpose and the high-end full HD camera presents the maximum visibility. The main handle can be detachable for sterilization, and the sub handle helps manipulating the equipment much easier. Besides the outstanding functions, the beauty of design and user-friendly structure made Luvis-L100 the winner of Good Design Award last year.

 Luvis-S200 offers multiple solutions for different spaces. It can be applied to the ceiling, wall or can be mobilized. And it has been utilized for minor surgery in the small operating room or general doctor's office. The color rendering and the color temperature provide the optimal condition for surgical operations, while the user can set the color temperature at his will. The shadowless effect is more than the average of small-sized lights, and it can serve various purposes such as examination light and subsidiary light. The mobile type is the most popular one. The wall type has been preferred when the ceiling is low.

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