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Medical Solution Company sharing in health and Happy Life

DENTIS IMPLANT Implant that won Jang Young Sil Award homepage go

Excellence of DENTIS Implant

  • Implant that won Jang Young Sil Award

    • Implant that won Jang Young Sil Award

      IR52 Jang Young Sil Award for HA Super High Speed Resorbable Blast Media Coating technology
  • World-famous implant

    • World-famous product

      World-famous product used in 2016-11-21 countries over the world
  • Clean Implant

    • Clean Implant

      Certification by Minister of Knowledge Economy in the Area of Leading Productivity
  • Reliable Implant

    • Reliable Implant

      Quality and Outstanding technology certified by Certificates & Awards
  • Researching Implants

    • Researching Implants

      MOU with RIST, research institute specialized in commercialization, established by POSCO

Major Products

  • OneQ

    • Improvement of initial penetration function and self-tapping with implementation of sharp apex
    • Improvement of initial fixation with implementation of tapered top
    • Smooth implantation and short time in implantation with Double Thread Screw
    • Easy control of implantation depth with Straight Body
    • Prevention of osteonecrosis with Open Thread
  • Cleanlant

    • High Initial Stability
    • Smoother Insertion
    • Simple & Easy Depth Control
    • Improved Joint-Stability
    • S.L.A Surface
    • Strict Cleaning
    • Powerful Drilling